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Thursday, October 31, 2013

US military ghouls butchered JFK’s corpse!

No Hallowe’en horror story could possibly match the macabre evil of the events of November 22nd, 1963.

When Paul Krassner published a cartoon showing LBJ committing an indecent act with the bullet holes in JFK’s head,* little did he know how close he was to the truth.

Metaphorically, the image captured LBJ’s soul perfectly.

LBJ, we know now, was a psychopath who employed his own personal hit man. LBJ was the kind of guy who would expose himself or defecate in front of others to intimidate them. And LBJ, according to the handwritten and tape recorded confession by confessed CIA-employed JFK assassin Howard Hunt, was (alongside the CIA’s Cord Meyer) one of the two top organizers of the murder of President Kennedy.

But it wasn’t LBJ who committed indecent acts with JFK’s bullet holes. It was actually certain members of the US military top brass – including JFK’s arch-enemy Gen. Curtis LeMay – who did that.

David Lifton’s book Best Evidence exposed the shocking truth back in 1981: Prior to the official autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, JFK’s body was kidnapped and mutilated by top-ranking officers. His brain was scooped out and stolen. His bullet holes were butchered and enlarged.
The purpose of the ghoulish desecration of the President’s body: Obscure the fact that he had obviously been shot from the front.

Actually, JFK’s body was kidnapped twice. The first time was in Dallas, when the Secret Service drew their guns on the Dallas Police and stole JFK’s corpse from its lawful custodians.

The second postmortem kidnapping apparently happened after Air Force One landed near Bethesda Naval Hospital. JFK’s body was snatched and rushed to Bethesda in a plain metal casket, wrapped in a body bag. There it was covertly butchered under the supervision of LeMay and other high officers.
About an hour later, a fancy presidential hearse arrived, loaded with the fancy presidential casket, after following a leisurely parade route. Just one problem: The casket was empty.

The grieving throngs who had come out to pay their last respects to America’s greatest president had been saluting an empty casket.

Folks, if you can put up with this, you’re an interesting species of subhuman slime. If you would rather live like a coward, rather than stand up and die defending your country from these monsters, your life isn’t worth anything anyway.

Listen to my interview with Dr. William Warrick about JFK’s faked autopsy at: http://noliesradio.org/archives/71084

* * *

*”Krassner’s most notorious publishing prank was his “Parts That Were Left Out of the Kennedy Book” hoax in 1967, presented as actual excerpts that Jacqueline Kennedy had removed from William Manchester’s The Death of a President prior to publication. Defying conventional norms of taste and decency, its climactic scene involved Jackie discovering LBJ engaged in necrophilia with JFK’s corpse on Air Force One.” – Paul Krassner on Obama, Orgies, and the Art of Offensive Cartoons, by Michael Dooley

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Conspiracies - not "conspiracy theories" - are destroying democracy

A recent BBC article begins:

“The more information we have about what governments and corporations are up to the less we seem to trust them. Will conspiracy theories eventually destroy democracy?”

The BBC should not worry about so-called conspiracy theories destroying democracy. Instead, it should worry about the conspiracies themselves. 

read the full article:


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Will Israel merge with Saudi Arabia?

On February 1st, 1958, Egypt and Syria merged to become one country: The United Arab Republic. Though the brief political marriage ended in divorce on September 28th, 1961, it set a precedent for potential future Middle Eastern liaisons.

Today, a budding romance between Israel and Saudi Arabia is the talk of the Middle East. The Saudis and Israelis are working together to destabilize Syria and prop up the al-Sisi regime in Egypt. The Saudis and Israelis both strongly oppose letting the “Arab spring” bring democracy to the Middle East. The Saudis and Israelis both want corrupt Arab dictators to rule Bahrain and other countries in the region. The Saudis and Israelis work together whipping up sectarian tensions in a divide-and-conquer strategy aimed at preserving their respective regimes. And both the Saudis and the Israelis are angry at the US for refusing to bomb Syria and then attack Iran.

It seems that the Saudi and Israeli regimes have joined together to pursue the same foreign policy. Since their domestic policies are also similar, the question arises: Why not merge the two countries into a new entity called Saudi Israelia?

Skeptics will argue that such a marriage between Zionists and Arabs could never succeed. But consider how much the two nations have in common.

Both regimes were founded, and are still largely controlled, by enormously wealthy parasites. The Rothschild international banking family created and still dominates Israel, using the unearned wealth it has sucked from the world’s economy through usury. The Ibn Saud family created and still runs Saudi Arabia, using unearned oil wealth and mafia tactics to finance its operations.

The parasite state of Israel depends for its existence on bleeding the US taxpayer for billions of dollars every year. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the real cost of Israel to the American taxpayer is more than a trillion dollars.

If we also consider the cost of the 9/11 wars-for-Israel, Israel’s real cost to the US is five trillion dollars, perhaps more. No wonder America is broke.

The Ibn Saud family is equally parasitical. It consists of a few honest and pious individuals scattered among a large number of billionaire playboys who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. The Ibn Sauds not only bleed the world’s economy by siphoning off oil revenues to finance their depraved amusements, but they also muscle in on business enterprises in Saudi Arabia, forcing entrepreneurs to bring Royal Family members on board as co-owners who invest nothing and do no work, but grab the lion’s share of the profits.

If these two parasites merged, imagine the mega-parasite they could become!

The Israeli and Saudi governments share another trait: arrogance. The Israelis are convinced that they are the “chosen people,” God’s gift to the world, who have the right to lord it over lesser beings, especially the Palestinians they are expelling, tormenting, and killing. They think God gave them the title to Palestine in a real estate deal thousands of years ago, so now they can do anything they want - including invading, occupying and oppressing the people around them.

The Saudi rulers are almost as arrogant. They think God gave them all that oil so they could fly around the world in Lear Jets behaving like the most degenerate sybarites on earth, while at the same time demanding respect as the custodians of Islam’s holy places. And just as the Israelis imagine that their chosen-ness gives them the right to oppress others of different faiths, the Saudi regime supports a Takfiri misinterpretation of Islam that claims the right to oppress or even kill those whose beliefs differ from their own - including their fellow Muslims.

The Saudis, like the Israelis, claim the right to invade and occupy other countries. Just as the Israelis have invaded Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and of course Palestine, the Saudis have now invaded and occupied Bahrain. The Saudis seem to be taking Israel’s behavior as a model.

Another affinity between the Israelis and Saudis is their shared love of bulldozing and destroying Islamic monuments and holy places. The Israelis, as everyone knows, are gradually destroying the al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site and greatest architectural monument in Islam, by undermining its foundations in supposed archeological digs. Their aim is to one day destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and in its place erect a satanic edifice misnamed “Solomon’s temple,” setting off a full-scale civilizational war against Islam and Muslims.

The Saudis, too, love destroying Islam’s architectural heritage. They have bulldozed a long list of Islamic religious and historical sites, and turned Mecca and Medina into hideous simulacra of Houston, Texas. Some observers wonder if the Saudis will eventually turn the hajj pilgrimage into a theme park modeled after Walt Disney World, in the same way the Israelis have considered building a Christian Disneyland called “Galilee World Heritage Park.”

The Israelis, like the Saudis, are making money from religious pilgrims while mistreating their country’s religious heritage. Like the Saudis, they are scandalously irresponsible custodians of holy sites.

If the Israelis and Saudis merged into one country, just think how much fun they could have together bulldozing Christian and Islamic history, religion and culture!

Indeed, since both Israel and Saudi Arabia share a dubious “religious” basis of legitimacy, it would make sense for the new state of Saudi Israelia to merge the two religious currents into a new state religion called Zio-Wahabbism. The Zio-Wahabbis could declare themselves the chosen people and make everyone else a second-class citizen. They could behead people who follow other schools of thought. They could bulldoze the entire heritage of Islam and Christianity.

The Saudis and Israelis also share a love of dastardly plots, including false-flag operations. Mideast expert and journalist Zafar Bangash recently stated on my radio show that the war on Syria was plotted by two American agents of Israel, Dan Shapiro and Jeffrey Feltman, at a meeting in Paris with Saudi intelligence chief Bandar Bin Sultan. Bangash agreed with me that Prince Bandar, who also goes by the name “Bandar Bush” due to his ties with America’s leading crime family, seems to have been behind the false-flag chemical weapons attack on al-Ghouta... and that Bandar and the Israelis, along with their Bush crime family friends, were the probable perpetrators of the crimes of September 11th, 2001.

Since both the Israeli and Saudi regimes have everything in common - including a shared contempt for the Americans who prop them up - it seems logical that they should merge into a single country: The Zio-Wahabbi Empire of Saudi Israelia.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eccentric emails

I just got a cc copy of an email from an academic dean at a certain university - let's call him "Professor X" - responding to a former professor from a British university ("Professor Y") who has been chased out of the academy for "purveying conspiracy theories."  Below is professor X's email, followed by my response.

Dear Professor Y,

Please take me off your distribution list for your eccentric emails. I do not agree with your world view and do not wish to be troubled with your rantings.

Thank you

Professor X

* * *

Dear Professor X,

Please take me off your distribution list for your eccentric emails responding to eccentric emails. I do not agree with your world view's dismissal of other world views and do not wish to be troubled with your rantings about others' rantings.  Please note that anyone who would email a crazy person to tell him he's crazy is even crazier than the crazy person he emailed to tell him he's crazy. And anyone who would cc that crazy email telling the crazy person he's crazy to hundreds of others is crazier than the craziest crazy person in the whole history of craziness.

I trust you will quickly commit yourself to the closest (non-academic) institution.

Thank you

Kevin Barrett

Thursday, October 17, 2013

US empire is collapsing NOW!

Don't miss this new weekly news round-up! Watch it here.

Will future historians look back at this very moment - the autumn of 2013 - as the season the US empire ended?

Paul Craig Roberts thinks so. Listen to my interview with Roberts, and check out my new review of his book The Failure of Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

I also discussed the imminent collapse of empire with Jim Fetzer on yesterday's Dynamic Duo Weekly News.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Only Israel benefits from Syria war

Watch the debate:

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, author and Middle East expert, from Madison, to discuss Human Rights Watch (HRW) recent report over Takfiri militants killing 190 civilians and holding over 200 others hostage in Syria’s western province of Latakia in August alone.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Reports have poured in, regarding the rights abuses being committed by these Takfiri insurgents for a while now and now we have these documented evidence being presented by the Human Rights Watch.

How does one even begin to justify this reality on the ground in Syria?

Barrett: Well, you cannot justify it; this whole war in Syria never should have happened. And indeed the government in Syria bears some of the blame, because it reacted in some ways … in a very ill-thought-out way to the demonstrations that set this all off.

But I think that was a trap; it was actually set by the people who are currently arming the insurgents and sending them on these missions of death and destruction. It was a trap for the Syrian people because what they really wanted to do …let’s name names and say who it was. It was the Israelis and the Saudis who have done essentially the same things now; they have been virtually merging into one country of Saudi-Israelia, And the hard-line faction of neo-conservatives here in the US that want to destroy Syria for Israel, turn it into three small balkanized little states and go through Syria in an attack on Iran; that was the grand strategy.

So, it is not at all surprising that these mercenaries, extremists, takfiris and some honestly misguided people who have been led to wage war on Syria and the Syrian government have been committing these kinds of atrocities.

This maybe the first one that Human Rights Watch calls fully documented, but there are dozens and dozens of other similar events that are pretty well-documented by various kinds of media; and in fact, even the August attack was quite obviously a false flag by Bandar Bush and his Saudi intelligence terrorists. This has been exposed by everybody from an AP correspondent to a number of other people on the ground in Syria.

So, it does seem that so-called insurgents are committing at least their share, and it looks like a lot more than their share, of the atrocities in Syria. And yet the Western media is completely ignoring all of the violence and carnage that is being waged by the people that the Western governments are actually arming and supplying.

In fact, the Western governments here are allying themselves with al-Qaeda. They are complicit in the murder of ambassador [Christopher Stevens] in Libya, well over a year ago. He was involved in an operation to transfer arms from al-Qaeda linked extremists in Syria to other American backed al-Qaeda extremists, I am sorry, from Libya to Syria.

So, all kinds of terrible blowback is coming out of this; it was a terrible mistake by everyone involved to create a Syrian civil war. The only party that is really going to benefit from this is the Israelis who have managed to smash a large and coherent country on the borders they are occupying. Now the Israelis are never going to have to worry about giving back the Golan Heights of Syria, it is fully destroyed. That is the end game of this Syrian civil war.

Press TV: Mr. Barrett, jump in if you may; Mr. [Anjem] Choudary [the other guest of the program] is questioning the validity of this entire report to begin with. How would you respond to this? What benefit does [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad get from killing 190 civilians and holding 200 hostage?

Barrett: Right, I do not really understand Mr. Choudary’s claim that the Western media and groups like Human Rights Watch are somehow biased against the so-called Syrian rebels.
I think any objective analysis of how the Western media has been covering the Syrian conflict will show that the Western media, the people who own it, the big power brokers and the Zionists, who actually are the people who have the majority share of the Western media, have been bending over backwards to beat the drums of propaganda for the very Syrian rebels that Mr. Choudary supports.
I think he should ask himself why that is. I mean, I do not know if he is living in a bubble and not reading any of these newspapers and not looking at any of these reports, not listening to speeches of people like [US President Barack] Obama who is even itching to go , bomb Syria on behalf of these rebels that Mr. Choudary supports.

But it is pretty ludicrous to try to claim that Human Rights Watch and these Western institutions are somehow huge fans of President Assad and enemies of the Syrian resistance. In fact, everybody in the world, except Mr. Choudary I think, knows that the opposite is the case.

So, I think that Mr. Choudary has managed to sort of wall himself up in some kind of information bubble, where he does not see what is actually going on in the world and on the ground. Instead he is intoxicated with all of this sort of radical jihadist, Islamist rhetoric. And he has managed to do his own cause a lot of damage by not recognizing what is really happening in the world and specifically in Syria.

It is very clear that the Islamist political movements around the world are managing to survive and thrive despite the war on Islam and especially political Islam that was launched by that 9/11 false-flag attacks.

But this is no thanks to people like Mr. Choudary, who failed to make a distinction between legitimate, rational, reality based Islamic political movements such as for the most part, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamic movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and even elements of the Islamic resistance in places like Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.
There is legitimate Islamic resistance in much of the world; most of it is focused on peaceful democratic activism; occasionally, there is legitimate Islamic armed resistance as Hezbollah and Hamas against the Israelis; but to back these Takfiri lunatics who want to cut the head off of everyone who does not accept their extremely narrow-minded bigoted and obscurantist interpretation of Islam is a terrible crime against the real Islamic political movements around the world.

So, I really would ask Mr. Choudary to step out of his bubble, take a look at what is really happening and stop discrediting his own movement.

Press TV: Mr. Choudary mentioned the Jabhat al-Nusra or al-Nusra Front as commonly known, saying that they are protecting the Muslim cause and fighting against Israel. what have these Takfiri groups in Syria done up until now against Israel?

Well, of course they have done nothing against Israel. Al-Qaeda itself is a very loosely organized ideological movement, not a real organization…but there is still no evidence that al-Qaeda has ever even tried to attack Israel or Israeli assets. Rather it has gone around attacking its fellow Muslims primarily and then doing incredibly stupid things like allowing the Zionists and the US National Security State to frame it for supposedly conducting the 9/11 attacks which were an obvious inside job.

Yet these so-called al-Qaeda people are so incredibly stupid that they do not even recognize it and then they run around, trying to claim credit for it, thereby completely destroying political Islam around the world, making us look like idiots.

It is really sad and I would like to correct him: I agree with him that Khalifa would be a good thing and I agree with him that sovereignty belongs to God, I am in full support of the Islamic Renaissance around the world, but I do not think that it is going to succeed when these Takfiri groups who are extremely narrow-minded sectarian, are supported by the world’s biggest degenerate criminals in Saudi Arabia, running around killing the people that do not agree with them, running around slaughtering people of ethnic groups or Islamic groups that they do not agree with.

These people are not going to establish Khalifa, they are going to establish Khalifa in their own minds as they do damage to the larger cause. To be a Muslim is really about working for truth and justice and this applies to everyone; you need to work for truth and justice for everyone to protect people….(of all religions and ethnicities)…

Press TV: If these allegations are proven and it as documented evidence will it go any further from the UN Security Council, maybe to the ICC [International Criminal Court], very quickly?

Barrett: I doubt it; unfortunately I think Mr. Anjem is wrong, I think the Western institutions are still supporting war against the Syrian government, hoping to destabilize Syria, I do not think they want actually look into Human Rights abuses by the Takfiri groups that undercut their case for war on Syria; but I hope I am wrong.

We have seen a few signs of movement on the part of the Obama administration recently. They did refuse to bomb Syria under [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s orders. So, who knows? Maybe the policy will be shifting in the right direction, God willing.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Murdering 9/11 Truth

Is the US government using assault, intimidation, even murder - and killing free speech worldwide - to cover up the insider crimes of September 11th, 2001?

One of the leading scientists challenging the US government's version of 9/11, Dr. Crockett Grabbe, has gone on the record charging 9/11 cover-up forces with a series of murders and attempted murders - including attempts on his own life. And information sciences expert Elizabeth Woodworth has published evidence that the National Security Agency (or some other agency with similar capabilities) has been jamming the Internet to prevent 9/11 evidence from reaching a wider public.

"Terror and the Sacred"

 My talk at this year's DC 9/11 Truth Conference just went up:

Also, check out my new Press TV article "Murdering 9/11 Truth."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dynamic Duo Weekly News #3: Barrett vs. Fetzer on Obama, holocaust

Jim Fetzer and I got into some "dynamic" differences of opinion on two big issues: (1) Obama vs. the Republicans & (2) the Nazi holocaust. Check it out! Below the video is Jim's summary.

According to the latest reports, Abu Anas Al-Libi wad captured Saturday, which appears to be an instance of the "kill and reanimate program", which brought us the second death of Osama bin Laden.  The US has announced that Special Forces abducted him from Libya, where he is alleged to be a senior al Qaeda leader with a $5 million bounty for involvement in the bombings of American embassies in Uganda and in Kenya in 1998.  But Al-Libi was killed years ago, just as bin Laden did not die in the attack on the Pakistan compound but died in Afghanistan in mid-December 2001.  This means that the anti-terrorism "catch and release" program has now morphed into a "kill and reanimate" program, where Al-Libi is its latest success story, enhancing the prestige of the international US anti-terrorism effort. 

The government shut-down: While Sen. Ted Cruz may be popular within his own party, the consequences of a default on its debts by the US would lead to a drop in the nation's credit rating, higher interest rates for money borrowed and an increase in home mortgage interest rates.  The public is responding very negatively, where estimates have it that the GOP will lose at least 17 seats--enough for the Democrats to retake control of the House--and some have it as high as 30.  Where there appear to be more than sufficient votes to pass a "clean resolution" raising the debt, the house leader is refusing to allow a vote and continues to attempt to extort the administration to revise the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare"), when it has been signed into law and upheld by the Supreme Court. This makes a mockery of democracy and raises questions about US governance world-wide.

The use of electronic voting machines has tilted national elections in favor of the GOP by an average of 6 points since 2000, where the most egregious case was Ohio in 2004.  The raw data was being sent to a basement operation in Chattanooga, TN, where the numbers were massaged by Karl Rove before being sent back to Ohio to be released by Ken Blackwell, who was not only Secretary of State but co-chair of the Ohio Committee to Reelect Bush and Cheney.  It would have happened again in 2012 but for the vigilance of Bob Fitrakis, an attorney from Columbus, OH (who co-authored WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO: A documentary record of theft and fraud in the 2004 election) and others, who were prepared to take immediate legal action had the same scheme been implemented again.

Jim and Kevin differ about the differences between the parties, where Jim perceives the Democrats as standing up for Social Security, Medicate, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and a host of other programs that benefit the people, while Kevin is more skeptical. That the GOP represents the interests of a shrinking percentage of the voting public means that they are unlikely to win future federal elections without cheating, lying and stealing.  Election theft is the real issue, not voter fraud, which is extremely rare in the US.  The GOP focus on voter fraud is a red herring to divert attention from election theft, which is serious problem and whose solution requires abandoning the use of electronic voting machines, which are owned by companies with close ties to the GOP. Neither party is doing enough to confront this problem, which is extremely troubling.

John Kerry not only threw in the hat when the Ohio outcome was undecided but, as our new US Secretary of State, has been promoting the false position that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, even though our own intel agencies concluded in 2007 and again in 2011 that that was not the case, which means that the UN's sanctions on Iran are a form of collective punishment, which was found to be a war crime by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Kevin remains skeptical and believes both parties are in collusion, but where Albany, NY, has become the first city to declare its emancipation from the NDAA and that its police and law-enforcement officials are responsible for resisting and not enforcing strictures for the arrest and detention of citizens without due process.  Netanyahu, incidentally, who flew to Washington to berate Obama for being receptive to open diplomatic relations with Iran, overplayed his hand by broadcasting into Iran that, with a different regime, the young people of Iran would be able to wear jeans and listen to Western music, which the already do. And elections in Iran appear to be at least as free as those conducted in the USA.

Muslims in Peshawar, Pakistan, formed a human chain to protect Christians during mass, after a "Pakistani Taliban bomb" had killed more than 80 men, women and children after a mass two weeks ago.  Much, if not all, of the "Pakistani Taliban" consists of individuals such as Raymond David, a CIA Blackwater contractor arrested on 27 January 2011 in Lahore after killing two policemen who were attempting to detain him for questioning. David appears to have been organizing "Pakistani Taliban" bombings of mosques and markets. Following his arrest, a disinformation effort (spearheaded by Sorcha Faal, a notoriously unreliable source) tried to cover up his "false flag" terrorism campaign by suggesting the far-fetched theory that his "real mission" was to provide al Qaeda with a nuclear weapon.

The ADL, better known as "The Defamation League", continues to defame Americans and others who do not toe the Zionist line on the program for a Greater Israel (extending from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile).  Their latest targets included J. Bruce Campbell (who, like Kevin and Jim, writes for Veterans Today), Dr. Michael Hoffman, Minister Farrakhan and Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Jim knows Kevin MacDonald from The Evolution and Human Behavior Society, where he explained that Zionists adopt a group evolutionary strategy of advancing the interests of the members of their group at the expense of the interests of others. In the Middle East, the Zionist agenda appears to be complemented by the interests of the international bankers, especially the Rothschilds, where the seven countries targeted by the US for destabilization--Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran--are Muslim nations where usury is not permitted. The bankers' motives for supporting these interventions were illustrated by the "rebels" first act in Libya, which was founding a new central bank, which meant their agenda was other than proclaimed.

Netanya has not only promoted the false belief that Iran wants to destroy Israel but, in another stunning example of the power of mistranslation, the msm has promoted the idea that Rouhani endorsed the Holocaust as "a great crime against Jews", which was an issue he sidestepped.  Jim's research suggests that the claim of 6,000,000 Jews having died in concentration camps was based on theology and not on history.  The International
Committee of the Red Cross, which visited the camps, supports a number in the 270,000 range, where 600,000 may be a close approximation of the total number of gypsies, Jews and the mentally and physically infirm who were killed.  Robert Faurisson's "Against
Hollywoodism, Revisionism" reports that Allied bombing of German cities had interdicted railroad lines and made it impossible to resupply the camps.  Regardless of controversies over exact numbers, there are excellent reasons to pursue research on complex historical events like the Holocaust, none that justify laws against freedom of research or speech.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

DHS preppers: Collapse, dictatorship coming!

The mainstream media makes fun of "preppers." But the biggest prepper on earth is the Department of Homeland Security...

Read the full article at:


Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Truthseeker: 'Worse than Hiroshima': US war chemicals and 'stinking hypocrisy'

One in three American servicemen permanently disabled, 'the worst genetic damage in any population ever studied', 'confirmed' US govt behind world record Afghan opium crop, and October's protest calendar. Seek truth from facts with Iraqi-Kurdish activist Houzan Mahmoud, Afghan war specialist Prof. Anatol Lieven, former intelligence officer Scott Rickard, Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, and the author of Questioning the War on Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett.

The Truthseeker: 'Worse than Hiroshima': US war chemicals and 'stinking hypocrisy'

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Saudi Israelia" fuels sectarian tensions in Middle East


Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, from Madison, to shed light on the US recent remarks at the UN General Assembly, calling Bahraini popular uprising “a sectarian one.”

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let us look at some of the US statements made there and most of all, I am going to start with what the US President Barack Obama said at the UN General Assembly (UNGA), which he said that the uprising there is a sectarian one.

Now, what is interesting about that is A) that they angered the regime, but at the same time it could be a positive and a negative, that there is a problem and the negative being that is the sectarian one which is not with the cases there. what do you make of the US President Barack Obama’s statement there at the UNGA?

Barrett: I think President Obama put his foot in his mouth once again and managed to alienate both sides in Bahrain, just like he managed to alienate both sides in Egypt by seemingly offering lukewarm support to [ousted Egyptian] President Morsi, while at the same time acquiescing in this brutal coup d' ├ętat that overthrew Morsi, and then allowing [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the Israelis to pressure him to keep the aid flowing to this brutal regime in Egypt. He [Obama] alienated both sides there and now he has done the same thing in Bahrain.

Nobody in Bahrain really wants to think about this as a sectarian conflict; the Al Khalifa dynasty which is just another of these [Persian] Gulf sort of puppet autocratic dictators that was, you know, created by the West, the country was carved out by the West and these wealthy little sheikhdoms were created and they have reached the end of their run now, but the Al Khalifa regime does not want to think of themselves as a sectarian government and the democracy movement does not want to think of itself as sectarian either. It sees itself as a democratic pro-justice and Islamic movement.

So, I think when Obama is calling it sectarian, he is not winning any friends anywhere, although there may be some truth in what he is saying. In fact, the real issue is one of Islam and democracy; that is, a populous Islamic wave has been rising in the Middle East for several decades now and at the same time better literacy and communications have led to higher aspirations for democracy.

So the whole region is moving towards winning independence under some form of Islamic democracy and the old guard and all of these countries as the other guest [Richard Millet] said very well is doing what it can to try to hang on to power.

So, yes, I think it is true that the Al Khalifa dynasty likely even the Ibn Saud dynasty next door - which has invaded Bahrain and propped up all of these repressive measures - is terrified about what the future may bring as the people of the region become empowered and seek to control their own destinies. And I am sure the US is afraid too.

Press TV: Many around the world who are aware of the uprising in Bahrain are looking for the two countries in particular to see they are going to make any moves and those two countries being the US and the UK; the report that you may be aware of, the senior advisor to the regime there on policing and securing John Yates, basically, the former assistant commissioner of the Scotland Yard, is known that he has accompanied the Bahraini ministry of interior officer on many trips to London, that they have met with the members of Britain’s MI5.

Do you think that the UK in any sense is giving the regime there directions to handle the uprising that is taking place?

Barrett: I think that is very likely; the British government has been instrumental in propping up these [Persian] Gulf monarchies. It actually created them and it continues to advise them. Essentially all of these [Persian] gulf sheikhdoms are artificial creations of Western imperialists, who went in to carve up the region and managed to prop up their favorites, these thrones.

And now that those thrones are tottering and getting ready to collapse, I think that the British who are the most experienced Western imperialist at dealing with the Middle East are probably taking the lead in handling the relations with this Al Khalifa dynasty, with advising them on how to deal with this.

Obviously the US is also playing a big part. The US has its Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain and it is absolutely crucial to US projection of power in the [Persian] Gulf and in the Middle East. The US of course knows that if democracy breaks out in Bahrain, the people of Bahrain are probably not going to want to keep that base in their country.

In the same way, the people of the Middle East in general are not going to want to keep US military bases throughout the region and they are not going to want to keep this genocidal Zionist settler colony in occupied Palestine.

So, this democratic wave in the Middle East is threatening to liberate the region from this sort of a century of all the Western colonial domination and that is the real issue that underlies all of these sort of surface sectarian battles.

I would agree with the other guest that, yeah, there are sectarian tensions but why? The answer is that the Saudi ruling family and its allies and the Israelis in particular are fanning the flames of these sectarian tensions by demonizing Shia movements.
And the reason they are doing that is that the Shia movements such as Hezbollah and of course the Islamic Republic of Iran have succeeded to a certain extent in challenging Western and Zionist domination of the region and in forging alliances with other Muslims, with Sunni Muslims and with even relatively secular people who are interested in justice.
So, there has been this axis of resistance that is threatening to free the Middle East. And in order to try to stop that process, the Ibn Saud family and the Israelis and of course their American sponsors have all teamed up to bombard the region with anti-Shia propaganda designed to try to whip up sectarian tensions and anger the Sunni majority against the Shia, get them fighting each other in a classic divide and conquer maneuver in order to try to hold back this democratic Islamic awakening.

Press TV: Well, I am not going to comment on that last part of your statement that is the beginning of that statement Dr. Barrett, I would like to ask your reaction when Richard Millet says that the UK does not have any right to interfere another country’s affairs. We have cases where Britain and the United States have come out, like we see all the threats that are leveled against Iran for example from the US, countries like the US, like the UK, they can do something but they are deciding not to.

What dynamics are involved behind that decision?

Barrett: Well, the final remark by the guest was quite extreme - that he cannot blame the UK for supplying weapons to this repressive government; well, sure you can; how can anyone not blame them? It is completely against all human rights norms. But yeah, in terms of the larger issue of these Western powers not having any business, getting involved in this..., can try to control these countries in regions; I agree with that and I wish that the leadership of the Western countries would also agree with that.

Unfortunately as we all know, these Western countries are constantly interfering in internal affairs of other nations, including launching invasions, including murdering activists with drone strikes, murdering a lot of by-standers and wedding party guests and women and children with these drone strikes, in arming very unpopular governments to the teeth, which has recourse what is happening in Bahrain; and with propping up the Saudi government which would not last for ten minutes if the US were not completely dominating that country that cannot even fly their own planes or operate their military equipment and yet they are buying more American military equipment than almost any other country, just piling them up and letting Americans keep it going.

It is just really sad the way that this Middle Eastern region has been willing to acquiesce in domination by the UK, the US, the Zionists and these Euro American based outside forces. So I am really kind of confused about where the other guest is coming from.

On the one hand, he is saying that these countries like the US and Great Britain should not be interfering in the region, and then he is saying that we should not blame them for arming this Al Khalifa dynasty to the teeth as it represses its own people; that seems to be a contradiction.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Islamophobia: Roadblock to world peace

Netanyahu & co. have been saying Iran is a few years away from getting a nuclear bomb...for decades!

Why does anyone listen to Netanyahu?

The answer, in one word: Islamophobia.

Read the full article:


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dynamic Duo Weekly News #2


Netanyahu and the Zionists have been claiming Iran is about to get "the bomb" since 1984, which makes him the "Chicken Little" of the Middle East.  His anti-charm offensive appears designed to distract attention from the resolution of the Syrian chemical weapons supply, since Israel itself has a vast stock of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons it has never disclosed.  What Netanyahu said to the UN, however, is predicated upon two provably false assumptions:  (1) that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map"; and (2) that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.  The first is predicated on what has to be a deliberate mistranslation; the second contradicted by US intel conclusions of 2007 reaffirmed in 2011.

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This means that the sanctions being imposed upon Iran by the US are unjustified and represent a form of collective punishment, which was declared to be a war crime by the Nuremberg Tribunal. While Israel has a history of "false flag" attacks, Iran does not, including the 1967 (not 1976) attack on the USS Liberty. An Israeli assault on Iran's nuclear facilities would bring about the deaths of 1,000,000 Iranians outright and another 35,000,000 premature deaths as the cloud of contamination swept across Afghanistan, Pakistan and India--six times the alleged 6,000,000 who died in the Holocaust to secure Israeli domination of the Middle East.

His allegation that Iran committed attacks in Argentina in 1992 and 1994 are especially hypocritical, since Netanyahu is more likely to have been behind them than Iranian President Rouhani. (See "False Flag attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994" with Adrian Salbuchi.) Obama may be buckling under pressure from Israel, but the GOP is likely to pay for shutting down the government during the next mid-term elections. An unacknowledged dimension is that Iran can produce nuclear fuel rods for 3rd world nations more cheaply than the US nuclear energy industry, which does not want the competition from Iran. US foreign policy appears to preclude sending foreign aid to nations that have undeclared WMDs. Israel knows which politicians to pressure and how based upon information being sent directly to Israel by the NSA.

Even the Kenyan mall attack may be another "false flag" attack, where the mall is owned by some of those who were responsible for transferring ownership of the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein in advance of the 9/11 attacks, in which Israel was profoundly involved, as articles by Alan Sabrosky, a book by Christopher Bollyn and the web site, "Israel did 9/11 -- all the proof in the world!" but which also appears to have involved the complicity of neo-cons in the Department of Defense. Frank Lowy, like Larry Silverstein, should be regarded as a person of interest, not only in relation to 9/11 but also the Kenya mall attack.  For recent research on 9/11, see "The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference" YouTubes now on-line.

Differences in interpretation about "Obamacare"...Kevin doesn't like the federal government forcing people to buy private insurance thereby enriching the world's most corrupt people (the financial elite), while Jim thinks it is okay, just like people being forced to buy auto insurance.

Seymour Hersh has told the UK Guardian that the attack on the compound in Pakistan was a completely contrived event. Osama bin Laden died on 15 December 2001, where David Ray Griffin has a book about it. Nick Kollerstrom, an article, Even FOX NEWS announced his death on 26 December 2001, which you can find on-line.  And see Jim's article, "Zero Dark Forty: A deeper,darker truth".  The government has admitted that Charles Taylor, a war-crimes suspect, was a CIA agent and, perhaps even more surprisingly, has also admitted the CIA under Kermit Roosevelt overthrew the democratically - elected governnent of Iran in 1953. There is no good reason for the US to suspect Iran, which has never sought to overthrow the US government.

Hersh's point re the abdication of responsibility by the MSM is exemplified by Rachel Maddow's claim that the Sandy Hook 9/11 calls not be released without knowing what they contain, especially given efforts by the State of Connecticut to suppress information and the available evidence that it was a contrived event as an anti-gun "psy-op" and where it appears to be the case that no children actually died.  James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University has now prevailed in his attempts to defeat censorship by his own institution to inhibit him from publishing on Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and other fabricated events to mislead and deceive the American people, which is a small but not insignificant victory for freedom of speech.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holocaust of Lies: Mainstream media sends truth to the gas chambers

They’ve done it again.

The mainstream US media has once again mistranslated an Iranian president’s words.

Last time, they were lying to make the former President of Iran sound anti-West and anti-Israel. Now they are lying to make the new President of Iran sound pro-West and pro-Israel.

I suppose that is an improvement. Lying for peace is at least marginally better than lying for war.

But for those who care about truth, the Western mainstream media’s non-stop lies are nothing short of an ongoing holocaust...

Read the full article at Press TV:

Holocaust of Lies: Mainstream media sends truth to the gas chambers.